Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chinese Truck.

Its been a boring last two days. Our car broke down, we have spent hours and hours at the mechanic waiting for our car to be fixed, only for it to break down again.
We first went to the mechanic on Monday morning to have the suspension fixed. He told us it would be no problem to fix it. He told us he would have to go to the city to buy the parts and then come back and fix it. We don't have a lot of trust in the people here, so we told him we would go with him to buy the suspension parts. We had to make sure we were getting quality parts.

So we walk out to his car, and it is a two seater truck. So Alex gets to sit on the middle console in the truck, we thought it would be no problem, were just running to a store to buy parts and coming back, right? Wrong. This guy had a whole list of things to do. We were stuck with this dirty mechanic in a two seater truck for hours going from store to store running his errands in the hot sun. 

After 3 hours of running around town, we return back to the "mechanic shop" and he gets his teenager workers to put the parts on our car, and within an hour we were on the road again. All is well, right? Wrong again.

That night, the headlights don't work. Today were driving on the freeway and all of a sudden something explodes under the hood and water comes flying onto the windshield. We had two trips planned this week. We'll see what we actually get done this week without a car. 

Note to self: never buy a chinese made car.

One of the non-teenager mechanics eating lunch

On the bright side, we did happen to go to the mercado central with some time to waste. That was a good time. People sell fruit, fish, nuts, vegetables, eggs, honey, sauce, basically anything you can think of, they sell it in this mercado for cheap. It is awesome. We handed out 200+ flyers for a vaccination clinic that the church is putting on next week for the semana nacional de saude. Everyone wanted a flyer, it was easy to hand them all out. It was a good time! We love the mercado central.

Alex handing out flyers

Anyway, tchau!


  1. You have some crazy adventures!!! I hope you get your truck fixed soon!

  2. I agree, what an adventure. Thanks for posting your pictures and blogging. I love the pictures and hearing about life in a world so distant and different from our own.

    Be safe.